[R]EVOLUTION – THE MOVIE μια ταινία του Εμμανουήλ Αρμουτάκη για το downhill στην Ελλάδα

revolutionThe very first DH movie about the sport in Greece is finally out and FREE TO WATCH (English CC subs option). Featuring the main athletes & tracks of the first DH OPEN CUP in Greece capturing the highlights of 2013.

“Emmanouel Armoutakis ”

The whole year I had the opportunity to be in all of the 7 races of the first DH open cup shooting and making clips with the main highlights. When the racing season was completed I decided to do some trips all over Greece to shoot extra riding scenes and gather some interviews from many athletes and from the race directors. With 2 trips on the mainland and days of editing I managed to make this Documentary/Film. We all gathered watch the film at the closing ceremony of the open cup where all the main athletes were rewarded for their performance.

Now I Finally can put it out for all the people to see what downhill is for us here in Greece


[R]EVOLUTION from Emmanouel Armoutakis on Vimeo.

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