Keep close to nature’ s heart! (English version)

mtb1Ποδηλατικές Διαδρομές. Greek Version.

Arcadia Outdoor arranges cycling and trekking tours for groups of at least 5
persons. The specific tours take place at the forest paths and roads of
Mainalon. A wide network of nature trails is available with routes of different
levels of difficulty.

Indicative trails:

mtb2Mainalon-Levidi. A2 Trail
The trail starts at the rear part of the ski area of Mainalon, also known as
“Polonesiko”, where specific marking is available. It is an enduro trail, which
requires attention at the first split. The trail ends at Kapeli, goes up for 500-
1000 m and then meets the pedestrian path,which leads to Levidi.
The trail is signified by the members of MTB Arcadia and is suitable for
The length of the trail is approximately 8,5 km and the average time to cross it
is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Hight : min-1.284 m, max-1.643 m
Difference in altitude : 626 m ~ 601 m.
Length of the trail: 23,25 km
Duration : 3 h 39 min
Level of difficulty : high


Hight : min-1.261 m, max-1.649 m
Difference in altitude : 665 m ~ 628 m
Length of the trail : 23,92 km
Duration : 3 h 18 min
Level of difficulty : high

Community trade mark No 213830
Services related to sports and hobbies, which relate to nature, mountains, ski,
mountaineering, velodromes, path mapping.
A wider network of trails is available at WikiLoc.

In order to participate to cycling tours, please contact us and we will send you
the required forms of participation.

emergency_first_responseRiders Team:
Rider: Dimitris Thanogiannis
Experience: Emergency Responder
CPR(BLS)/AED-First Aid

Rider:Nikos Galanopoulos
Experience: MIAS LB2 MountainBike Instructor-Leader

Mias-logoRider: Christos Papaeconomou
Experience: MIAS LB2 MountainBike Instructor-Leader